Specialized Offerings

After Party Cleaning

Tired after a rocking party and worried about the after party mess? Don’t worry! Our experts will clean up the complete party area including but not limited to hall, kitchen, and washrooms and will set your house spic and span! We will customize our solution to best suit your needs!

Home Cleaning

Schedule periodic cleaning from the range of services we offer. As per our expert analysis we strongly recommend 3 cleaning services a year for your home.

Festivities / Wedding Celebrations

Get your house cleaned by our experts this festival season! We guarantee you never before experience

Moving In/Out?

Moving into a new apartment and want it to be professionally cleaned? Contact our experts and we ensure you a neat and healthy home before you set in? Moving out and planning to rent your home? A clean home will not only increase your chances of finding a tenant but will also help you get a premium rent! Let our experts clean your house while you are busy with the shifting!

Periodic Cleaning of Apartments, Offices, Corporates and Hospitals

A customizable solution as per your requirement. The service can be tailored for frequencies that you prefer. You can select from the range of services we offer. Great deals with premium quality guaranteed!

Post Calamity Cleaning

Sudden leakage of water and flooding in house? Calamities can devastate the house and require immediate attention by trained professions. We will clean your house with utmost care after a thorough inspection of the afflicted site.